The Phantom of Racism Racism and Indigenous Peoples
"Racism has historically been a banner to justify the enterprises of expansion, conquest, colonization and domination and has walked hand in hand with intolerance, injustice and violence." 
  - Rigoberta Mench?Tum, Guatemalan Indigenous Leader and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate    

"The Problem of Racism on the Threshold of the 21st Century"

"Doctrines of Dispossession" - Racism against Indigenous peoples

Historians and academics agree that the colonization of the New World saw extreme expressions of racism - massacres, forced-march relocations, the "Indian wars", death by starvation and disease. Today, such practices would be called ethnic cleansing and genocide. What seems even more appalling for contemporary minds is that the subjugation of the native peoples of the New World was legally sanctioned. "Laws" of "discovery", "conquest" and "terra nullius" made up the "doctrines of dispossession", according to Erica Irene Daes, chairperson/rapporteur of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations, in a study on indigenous peoples and their relationship to land.


Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and Optional Protocol on Disputes Done at Vienna April 18, 1961;

vienna convention  - Vienna Convention on Consular Relations. Done at Vienna, on 24 April 1963

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The Structure of the Turtle Island is one of ownership / control by the Federation of Nations that make up the collective called The Nation of Turtle Island, it is based on ownership / control by the Heredity Sovrans and Heredity Sovran Structures.

Among the top of the hierarchy of Heredity Sovrans is The Royal Family of the descendants of Che-Ee-Kuk, who was recognized as the Absolute Monarchy On Behalf Of Its Citizenry In Non-Diminished, Not Abandoned, Not Acquiesced, Not Conquered Domestic And International Presence Since The Beginning Of Time And, To  HRH Kitchi-Ostew-Kaneekanagoshick-Okimow-Wacon Kaneekaneet CSSP (HRH-KITCHI) and HRH KaneeKaneet's Family.

Okimow-Wacon - Emperor Absolute Monarchy

Read More on the Lineage of HRH KaneeKaneet of The Great Turtle Island

Lineage of HRH KaneeKaneet

HRM Kaneekaneet 1956 – 2015


Kitche Ostew Kaneekanagoschick Okimowacon Kaneekaneet; Seventh Generation Traditional Inherent Head Spiritual Chief Of The Anishinabe Nation State Of Great Turtle Island; Great Grandson Of Okimowacon Antapay; Within The Consecutive Settled Lineage Of Kitche Ostew Kakaneetagoshick Okimowacon Chee-ee-kuk   Recorded messages from HRH KaneeKaneet


People ask "Where is Turtle Island?" This is a picture of Abya Yala North Turtle Island. ........  we The Originals, The Anishinabe - Those who come from above survived, but we now have the capability of expressing ourselves in the language of the Colonizers.


Why Should We Care about Standing Rock - Maybe People just want to Destroy The Environment and the Indigenous that Protect The Land of The Great Turtle Island.

The Government of Turtle Island will not make Treaties with BRITISH COLUMBIA BC or CANADA, .. by SEC Disclosure Rules, and International Disclosure Rules.

Is anything Canada does Legal ? ........ Good Question, the simple answer is NO Canada and The Provinces are SEC Corporations and lack any legal framework to act as a Sovereign Nation or Governments.

Tar Sands Photos


For now we are focusing on two pipelines that we in the northeast of Turtle Island are fighting: Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline and TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline.


‘England conquered half the world in successive fits of absence of mind.’

Sir John Seeley, Professor of History Cambridge University 1869 – 1895
– Dawson (1937: 196) –

Turtle Island is Not For Sale !!!!!!!!!

Canada and The US of A are on Turtle Island ..... 'Canada' and the 'United States' Are in Turtle Island


CADADA FRAUD ..... CANADA fraud against the Indigenous, the taxpayers of Canada and fraud against the people of The World ..... when will people see the fraud?

The BNA ACT of 1867 was never signed - Canada is DeFacto.

CANADA is The Problem it "canada"  does not exist as a legal nation !!!!!

Turtle Island is not a part of Canada or a Corporation of Canada despite what the Defacto Government of CANADA Thinks !


I was born on the prairies where the wind blew free and there was nothing to break the light of the sun. I was born where there were no enclosures. Geronimo