Turtle Island Postal Union - TIPU


Anishinabe Nation Post, Postal and Digital Services Marketing and Marketing and Control of Logistics Services are the business areas that take care of developing the relevant products/services, specializing, respectively, in financial services, postal digital and national and international delivery products/services.

The Postal Services area sees to the planning and management of the entire logistics chain (mail and parcels), as well as providing integrated services.

The organisational model adopted by Anishinabe Nation Postal Service comprises both Business and Corporate areas.

Business Areas
Postal Services
Postal and Digital Services Marketing
Marketing and Control of Logistics Services
Anishinabe Nations Post
Private Customers
Major Companies and the Public Administration

The private Customers and Major Companies and Public Administration areas are the two commercial channels in charge of developing and managing front-end commercial services for the various customer segments.


– The Private Customers area coordinates the network of Post Offices and contact center services, thus representing the main channel for access to Anishinabe Nation Post services on the part of retail customers, small and medium enterprises, as well as part of the Local Public Administration.

-The Major Companies and Public Administration areas deals directly with the commercial requirements of major customers and of the Public Administration.

Corporate Areas
Institutional Affairs
Legal Affairs
Corporate Affairs
Administration and Control
External Communication
Internal Control
Strategic Planning
Human Resources and Organisation
Information Technology
Corporate Security

These are The Great Turtle Island Central Governing and Control bodies, responsible for providing services to support business processes.