Turtle Island Proof of Monarchy Lineage

The political, governing dominion of The Anishinabe Nation of The Great Turtle Island arises through the historical, consecutively, settled, sovereign Peoples; who have aligned their individual land title rights – as established through the Creator – into a league or federation of People who have declared a common social contract for the preservation of that regime; and therein have developed a continuous superior presence over the Water, the Air, the Earth the Fire and over the resources in each realm since the beginning of time.

The Absolute Monarch Okimow-Wacon is the Head of State, Church and Government; protected against controversy through Royal Prerogative; and, hence, being the absolute; uncontroversial source of law and order within this realm.

The Heredity Monarchs of The Federation of Anishinabe Nations survive and have customs and traditions recognized as Indigenous customary and International laws.

The Anishinabe Nation of Turtle Island is based on International Nation to Nation trade agreements, the paramount jurisdiction to establish all commerce and trade agreements since the beginning of time, being given stewardship over the Water, the Air, the Earth and the Fire, the forces of Life given by The Creator to the Seven Generations, those who are here and those who will come after.

The Anishinabe Government is answerable to The Heredity Monarch Okimow-Wacon, lineage was perfected by a lineage study authorized for and paid for by British Columbia, through the ex employee of the Canadian Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, Jack Hughes with lineage documents and by way of his Affidavit.

Exhibit “A” is the Affidavit and true copy of Lawrence Hubert Agecoutay’s Registered Indian Record, who’s registration number was 3830044001 showed that he was a member of the Pasqua Nation #79.

Exhibit “B” of the Affidavit is a true copy of Gordon Agecoutay’s Registered Indian Record. Exhibit “B” shows Albert (Johns) Agicoutay #202 of Pasqua as the Grandfather of KaneeKaneet.

Exhibit “C” of the Affidavit is a true copy of Albert Agecoutay’s Registered Indian Record. Exhibit “C” shows Henry Agecoutay # 156 of Pasqua as KaneeKaneet’s Great Grandfather.

Exhibit “F” shows Henry John Agecoutay collected annuities as a member of the Pasqua Band between 1907 and 1932. Exhibit “F” also shows that Henry John Agecoutay transferred to the Pasqua Band from the Cowessess Band.

Exhibit “G” is the Affidavit true copy of Ah-ge-coutay or Ajecoutay collecting annuities as a member of the Crowessess Band between 1903 and 1908. Exhibit “G” also shows that Ajecoutay transferred to the Cowessess Band from the Sa Kemay’s Band.

Exhibit “H” is the Affidavit, a true copy of “Oo-kay-paykese-coo-we-nin” or “Ajecoutay”. Exhibit “H” shows that Oo-kay-paykese-coo-we-nin / Ajecoutay collected annuities as a member of the Sakimay Band between 1887 and 1903. Exhabit “H” also shows that Oo-kay-paykese-coo-we-nin / Ajecoutay transferred to the Sakimy Band from the “Ouchaness” Band.

Exhibit “I” is the Affidavit a true copy of the annuity paylist identifying “Oo-ka-pay-kee-o-coo-we-nin” collected annuities as a member of the Ouchaness Band in 1886. Exhibit “I” also shows that Oo-ka-pay-kee-o-coo-we-nin that prior to transferring to the Ouchaness Band, Oo-ka-pay-kee-o-coo-we-nin collected annuities with his father “To-too-we-can” as a member of the Muscowpetung Band.

Exhibit “J” of the Affidavit is a true copy which shows “To-too-we-can collected annuities as a headman of the Band known as “Keeshekonse” also spelled “Kii-she-konse” or “Ke-che-kouses” between 1875 and 1882.

Exhibit “K” of the Affidavit shows “Cheecuck’s’ paylist as Chief (no band number).

The above references and Exhibits were sworn by Jack Hughes before a commissioner for oaths in the province of British Columbia on 26th day of January, 2004 on behalf of Notice of Application number T-1533-02 of KA-NEE-KA-NEET – (Lawrence Agecoutay) filed 19th Sept 2002.

The public archives scroll of Queen Victoria recognized Cheecuck as “The King Chief of CANADA” calling him King Chief Brother, and declaring that she Queen Victoria was his brother, and that as long as the sun and moon shine it cannot change the Bargain for the King Chief of Canada from Queen Victoria.