There is not a shred of proof to substantiate the Bering Strait (or Berengia) Theory. Academics insist on seeking an empirical comfort zone (it helps sell books!) and surmised that Indigenous people of North America had to have originated somewhere ANYWHERE BUT NORTH AMERICA! - Asia, Africa, Europe, Siberia, with some coming through the Strait to settle in North America. At the time, the northern world was one huge glacier making it impossible to pass through, over or under. There are a number of old stories that talk about the cold, white world of the north. How original Elder sent four animals to the four corners of Turtle Island looking for other life forms and found non.

Nonetheless, the intrepid academics continue to give life to the Bering Strait Theory, and it continues to be taught as fact in most educational institutions from primary grades to universities and colleges in Canada and the United States. Most Indigenous Creation Stories speak to the fact that Native people came from the unseen world to settle on Turtle Island. In other words, Native people have always been here. This is just another fallacy that proves the point made by Lakota Scholar, Vine Deloria, that all other cultures have 'real' history and Native people have been saddled with 'anthropologists!',